About Euro Periscope

Cancer remains one of the principal causes of mortality in Europe, usually attributable to metastasis, rather than the primary tumor itself. Surgery is the primary treatment of many tumor types, but minimal residual disease is usually inevitable. Any intervention that can provide improvement in the number of patients presenting with disseminated disease, is of major interest in the field of clinical oncology.

Members of Euro Periscope are examining the influence of anaesthetic, analgesic and other perioperative interventions on recurrence and metastasis after primary cancer surgery. It is anticipated that their findings will provide major progress in cancer treatment, because they can be implemented rapidly, worldwide, and at negligible cost and without adverse event risk. The huge potential impact of perioperative interventions warrants preclinical and clinical research to underpin prospective, randomized trials. The action plan aims to set up a network of experts in Europe to prepare for such trials.

The activities of the network will focus on the following objectives:

1. Development of a road map to address improved secondary cancer recurrence and metastasis outcomes,

2. to develop collaborative translational and experimental studies evaluating mechanisms with potential effect of perioperative interventions,

3. To prioritize cancer type and design protocols for prospective randomized controlled trials,

4. to study the effect of NSAID use on the incidence of cancer and recurrences, 5. To prioritize the investigation of amide local anesthetics on inhibiting cancer cell migration,

6. to prepare and submit protocols of prospective trials for large scale funding,

7. To implement the delivery of definitive trials and 8. publish scientific findings.