Pilar Eroles

Tim Hale

Dr Pilar Eroles studied Pharmacy at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the Universitat de València where she graduated in 1994, obtaining the extraordinary degree award. She has a doctorate from same university with the grade of "cum laude" in 1999.

During her predoctoral training she spent a six-months at the Institute of Medical Sciences of the University of Aberdeen (Scotland). After obtaining her doctorate, she moved to the US for four years, doing two postdoctoral stays; first in the Department of Pharmacology of the University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) and later the Department of Hematology and Oncology of the Weill Medical College of the University of Cornell (New York).

She returned to Spain in 2004 with contract at the Foundation for Research of the Clinical Hospital of Valencia, now INCLIVA Research Institute. Since 2009 she has been a researcher at the Institute and is part of the Breast Cancer Biology Research Group where she heads the Molecular and Cell Oncology Laboratory.

Her research focuses on studies of cell signaling and the mechanisms involved in the development and maintenance of cancer. During her postdoctoral stay she conducted studies on signaling mediated by protein kinases and membrane receptors coupled to G proteins in different cellular systems such as prostate cancer or Kaposi's sarcoma. Subsequently, after joining INCLIVA, her work has been focused on studying the implications of angiogenic factors and their receptors in the development and maintenance of different types of cancer, with special interest in breast cancer.

Currently, the research in the Molecular and Cell Oncology laboratory is focused on deepening the knowledge of some of the molecular subtypes of breast cancer, especially HER2 + and triple negative, through studies of gene expression and post-transcriptional modifications (microRNAs, methylation) to decipher the possible mechanisms of resistance to current treatments.

Dr Eroles has scientific publications in journals such as Cancer Cell, Blood, European Journal of Cancer and Oncotarget, among others. She is an Ad hoc reviewer for different journals in her field and has directed several master's and doctoral thesis projects.

She has participated as a speaker in courses organized by INCLIVA and has taught courses at the Valencian School of Health Studies (EVES). She has taught as associate professor in several departments of the University of Valencia and collaborates with the University-Business Foundation ADEIT in the Business practices for students.

She also participates actively in management tasks of INCLIVA, having been a member of the Scientific Committee since 2006 and of the Translational Oncology Committee since 2009.

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